Secure your documents for 6,50€

You will receive 10 transparent stickers and 10 labels

Please write the international dialling code in front of your mobile cell phone number.
The “just-save-it” label is placed on your personal documents or items. 
Write the phone number and email address of your guardian angel and/or your personal contacts (phone number and email address) on the “just-save-it” label.
You will be contacted in the event of loss of these protected documents or personal items. 
You can’t be reached? Then don’t panic, your guardian angel has your back and vice versa…
A set of 10 labels for you and your guardian angel!

    Label number 2

    Label number 3

    Label number 4

    Label number 5

    Label number 6

    Label number 7

    Label number 8

    Label number 9

    Label number 10

    Label 2

    Label 3

    Label 4

    Label 5

    Label 6

    Label 7

    Label 8

    Label 9

    Label 10

Pack of 10 labels.


“Just Save It” is the smart solution for protecting personal documents against loss.

“Just Save It” consists of a label and a transparent adhesive, both cleverly combined.
This solution has been designed to offer you the possibility to be contacted efficiently in case of loss of your documents.

Additional information

Label colours



Andalus, Arial Narrow, Calibri, Times New Roman


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